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غطاء خزانات


Anti-rust, do not stick to sediment, anti-bacteria and fungi , Where it has a soft smooth surface on the inside

غطاء خزانات


Anti-algaebecause there isa black layer processing with carbon black

غطاء خزانات - المصرية تانك


The tank cover is designed to prevent the entry of dirt and dust into The tank made of the same raw of The tank

خامات - المصرية تانك


Manufacturer of pure polyethylene allocated for the theory of rotational molds and recommended for use in pharmaceutical and food stuff tanks

خزان مياه - المصرية تانك


Made of light weight structure easy jaw and composition

خزان مياه - المصرية تانك


The company produces tanks with special specifications to save chemicals in different shapes and sizes to suit all industrial purposes

اف دي ايه


The used materials conform to the international standards and certified by the US administration of Food and drugs (FDA) and the European Union (EU)

المصنع الوطني لخزانات البولي ايثيلين


The tank manufacture of Italian specifications the Italian experts in our factory (National Factory fortanksin Saudi Arabia) hasselected them ReadMore

غطاء خزانات - المصرية تانك


The tank Can be supplied by ventilation filter to equalize the pressure inside the tank

خزان مياه - المصرية تانك


laboratory before delivery and contentfor five years